April 22, 2020 President’s Message

April 22, 2020 President’s Message

Buenas yan Hafa Adai REALTORS®!

Your 2020 GAR Board is sending this message to you to give you an update on our association.

The Board of Directors met on Friday, April 17th to discuss a few things.  On the agenda were the finances, MLS and COVID-19.

Regarding the finances, the board had already voted in a prior meeting to defer the dues until the third quarter with the intent of revisiting the finances.  The discussion of waiving dues was also brought up.  We looked at the finances and need to convey to you where we stand regarding our bank balances and finances.  A big portion of what we have in the bank are operating costs.  What this means is this account consists of dues/fees collected (MLS, SUPRA, GIS, zipforms and National & Local Dues).  Therefore the balances in that account or operating fund will be depleted when these vendors are paid out and overhead costs paid.


Below is your total investment for yourself (from First Quarter: $1,080.00/year or $90.00/month































GAR does have a reserve account.  Ideally, this account should hold about (6) months-worth of reserves.  We currently have a conservative reserves, of at least (2) months. For this reason, deferment of dues was the most responsible decision at this time as opposed to waiving dues and fees.  Our vendors have not deferred nor waived any of our expenses so they are still payable by GAR.  To put in a more personal perspective, we as REALTORS® still collect rent, HOA or common area fees for our management accounts and fees like these are also not waived.  The board is carefully monitoring things and will act as responsibly with our funds as possible.  Should you want to discuss our finances more in depth, you can request for an appointment so the President, Vice President and Treasurer and our CEO can meet with you.  GAR has also taken steps to cut overhead costs, and staffing hours in one of them.

One small win is that NAR has agreed to continue covering certain services from zipForms  through 2021. For 2020, we will be saving $90 and for 2021, we will also be saving $120.00.  Moving forward this year, quarterly dues will be $170 instead of $200.00.

The board also discussed the MLS.  Should any member be aware of others who violate the governor's mandate, it is encouraged for members to call 311 and, it will be up to the Department of Revenue and Taxation to impose penalties and/or license revoking.

COVID-19 is hitting us hard and our industry is at a standstill.  Your leadership has been working diligently on pushing various initiatives as indicated below:

  1. Letter to the Governor asking for the recording window for Land Management to be open for deed recording.  This request to date has not been granted.
  2. Letters to Congressman Michael San Nicolas regarding our request that he join his colleagues to provide additional funding for the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), and Emergency Rental Assistance Fund.  NAR is pursuing these initiatives and we are asking the congressman to see this through.
  3. Letter to Speaker Tina Muna-Barnes with respect to Senator Joe San Agustin's bill to amend the Dave Santos Act (BPT).  Currently there is no action on that.
  4. GAR is also in constant communication with the rest of our lawmakers and will continue to be in communication with them. It is not an easy challenge to overcome nor are results quick or apparent, as health, safety and containing the virus are the governor's main priorities but we have not stopped our efforts in making our voices heard. 

Despite our struggles, GAR still takes time out to help our heroes on the front line.  GAR staff have donated food to GMH and GRMC workers and most recently, the Board on behalf of the membership donated much needed (10) Acrylic Intubation Boxes to GMH Doctors and Nurses.  These were very well received.

In part NAR is also offering free to deeply discounted education and training.  Please take advantage of whatever learning you can to sharpen your skills.  GAR likewise, remains steadfast in providing FREE virtual trainings for your benefit.

REALTORS®, your GAR Leadership is committed to maintaining a solvent and healthy association while providing the services and benefits you expect and deserve.  The greater good of the membership is important.  Thank you for your time.

Stay Safe, Be Well, Be Kind!


2020 GAR Board Members

Clare Delgado, President

Shawn Blas, President Elect

Bobby Sachdej, Immediate Past President

Wendy Colson, Vice President and Treasurer

Karen Pan, Treasurer Elect

Joann Ige, Secretary

Liz Duenas, National Director

Chris Felix, National Director

Scott Campbell, State/Local Director

Geri Cordova, State/Local Director

Jodee Duenas, State/Local Director

Anthony Godwin, State/Local Director

Marilou Lacson, State/Local Director

Bree McDowell - Local Director

Pat Supple - Local Director 

Peggy Araullo-Llagas, CEO and Government Affairs Director