April 24, 2020 President’s Message

April 24, 2020 President’s Message

Hafa Adai REALTORS®!

GAR was asked by the Governor's Economic Recovery Panel to provide input on safe practices and recommended guidelines for the time that restrictions will be lifted and we return back to work. The underlying principle will always be the health and safety for our members, clients and the general public. Please keep in mind that this is a working document and is something that was needed to be provided at our earliest. Further, this document may be subject to change. 

Attached are the draft GAR recommended guidelines along with NAR disclosure and suggested guidelines that GAR has also adopted. Please refer to them and we will be keeping everyone updated as soon as information becomes available.



DRAFT_GAR protocols

SAMPLE Preparedness Plan COVID-19 Rev. 032420

Be safe and have a wonderful day.

Your GAR Leadership Team,

Clare Delgado, President

Shawn Blas, President Elect

Bobby Sachdej, Immediate Past President

Wendy Colson, Vice President and Treasurer

Karen Pan, Treasurer Elect

Joann Ige, Secretary

Liz Duenas, National Director

Chris Felix, National Director

Scott Campbell, State/Local Director

Geri Cordova, State/Local Director

Jodee Duenas, State/Local Director

Anthony Godwin, State/Local Director

Marilou Lacson, State/Local Director

Bree McDowell - Local Director

Pat Supple - Local Director 

Peggy Araullo-Llagas, CEO and Government Affairs Director