June 26, 2020 President's Message

June 26, 2020 President's Message

Hafa Adai Members!

Pursuant to our Town Hall meeting that was held on Friday, June 12th, the following are the new forms that will REPLACE the existing GAR COVID forms.

Background:  These forms originated from the California Association of REALTORS® who have granted us permission to use them.  These forms and safety practices were thorough enough that I am told the governor of California has also implemented them.

We are using these forms not only for our protection but for the protection of our clients, each other and the general public.  Further, GAR is working to have real estate classified as ESSENTIAL and therefore it would be prudent if we can continue to display responsible practices in our business.  For now, we are only allowed to operate under PCOR2.

Following are the rationale for the FORMS and GUIDELINES:

GAR Best Practices Guidelines and GAR Supplement to GAR Best Practices Guidelines - these are suggested guidelines on what to do as a listing agent, leasing/selling agent and working with a third party (appraisers, contractors, home inspectors etc.).  For the third parties, the agent responsible in this scenario would be the agent who is coordinating such activities.

GAR COVID-19 Addendum - This is an addendum to be used to supplement your purchase or other agreements.  The purpose of this form is not only an advisory of delays, extension of time or even contract termination as a result of the covid-19.

GAR Form PEAD - This form replaces the Hold Harmless form.  Each adult at a showing is to complete this form.  The purpose of this form is not only to advise of risks but should a client/customer contract the virus, this could help with contact tracing in an effort to fight this pandemic.  The GAR Board of Directors has voted to make this form mandatory.  If you are the buyer/tenant agent, this form stays with you and is not submitted to the listing agent.

GAR Form RLA-CAA - The GAR Board of Directors has voted to make this a mandatory addendum or an amendment to your listing agreements.  The form advises the seller of risks from showings and should the owner or tenants residing at the property contract the virus, there is a withdrawal clause from the market.

Property Entry Rules - This is a flyer to be posted at all listings at the point of entry (door, window, other conspicuous place).  For occupied properties, it has been suggested to place prior to the showing and removed after.  The blank box at the bottom is where you can put in your own information or other "need to know" details about your listing.

GAR has sent the above Forms and Guidelines since Monday and have uploaded these as well in our GAR website which can be accessed in the “Member” only page, and shortly on zipForms.  The GAR Board of Directors has also voted to make training on these mandatory - there will be several dates that will be made available for you all, either live or recorded. 

I mentioned at the town hall meeting that these would be a lot to unpack and digest but many of these practices are what we should be doing already.  Our messages of safe and responsible practices have been consistent since the emergency declaration and these Forms and Guidelines will further solidify that communication.

Please familiarize yourselves with all the documents concerned and if there are any questions, don't hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

Clare Delgado
2020 GAR President