May 1, 2020 President’s Message

May 1, 2020 President’s Message

Dear Members,

As your president, I know it's important for you to hear from your leadership. I'd like to provide you with some insight on what your GAR leadership is currently working on and have accomplished so far:

Essential services -  The biggest question many are asking is when will we be working again.  Pursuant to the governor's press conference yesterday, real estate services are part of the PCOR2. This means if all goes well, according to the triggers the governor is looking at (low infection rate, hospital capacity, etc.), then we expect to open on May 9.  So far so good. Your leadership has been working very hard with the administration on communication and input.  They are very aware that REALTORS® want to work, and we need to be clear to them that we want to do so safely and responsibly.  For this reason, a draft of safety protocols for all brokerage offices and showing procedures was sent to the administration and has been well received by all those who have reviewed it.  Our work continues and will continue even after we are deemed essential.  We will be taking this time to finalize our safety guidelines for distribution and education for all of us.  Our intent is to make guidelines concise and as easy to understand as possible.  Please stay tuned as things are progressing quickly.

As part of an improved communications portal for all members, you are encouraged to visit our member website at for all updates and communications that your leadership has put out on our behalf.  It's crucial that you keep informed.  We will also be adding minutes to board meetings and any other reports that show all the work the board does as your volunteer leadership.

Additionally, GAR has been providing valuable and FREE training.  All the recorded sessions have been emailed out pursuant to host instructions and if you haven't been able to attend, these recordings will be on our website at as soon as it is available to upload.  GAR will continue to provide training and education to enhance our skills and knowledge.  

We know that everyone is going through tough times.  But know that you are not alone.  Along with services provided by the national leadership, your board is also here for you.  We have an open-door policy, and you are invited to let your board know if there are any questions, concerns or if you want to share anything you feel that could be beneficial to us all.  Know that the board is listening and is working for our greater good.  We are one association, and only together can we overcome the hurdles placed in front of us.  We are in this together, and we will come out of this together.  

Please continue to stay safe and thank you for your time.


Clare Delgado
2020 President, Guam Association of REALTORS®

Shawn Blas, President Elect
Bobby Sachdej, Immediate Past President
Wendy Colson, Vice President and Treasurer
Karen Pan, Treasurer Elect
Joann Ige, Secretary
Liz Duenas, National Director
Chris Felix, National Director
Scott Campbell, State/Local Director
Geri Cordova, State/Local Director
Jodee Duenas, State/Local Director
Anthony Godwin, State/Local Director
Marilou Lacson, State/Local Director
Bree McDowell - Local Director
Pat Supple - Local Director 
Peggy Araullo-Llagas, CEO and Government Affairs Director