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As part of the National Association of REALTORS®, America's largest and most influential trade association, GAR echoes the objectives of a bipartisan support, to credible and respectable candidates that forges on building strong communities, protecting property rights and advancing public policies that safeguards all the fundamentals that REALTORS® champion.


It is the voice of REALTORS® in the Legislature and Congress halls. It is Your Best Investment in Real Estate.

RPAC is a voluntary program and provides the “hard” dollars the association uses to make direct contributions to national, state and local candidates. Launched in 1969 as the Real Estate Political Education Committee (REPEC), RPAC supports candidates of any party who understand and champion real estate issues. It is the most bipartisan major PAC in the country. Political expenditures are divided nearly evenly among Republicans and Democrats based on their support of real estate issues. In 1974, NAR changed REPEC’s name to RPAC.

A suggested fair share contribution is included in the membership dues billing once a year that is completely optional, however, highly recommended. As member, you may choose to invest more than the fair share indicated in your Dues billing. At any point in time during a year, you may elect to invest electronically by clicking here, or with a personal check, payable to RPAC and deliver or mail it to: 424 West O'Brien Drive, Suite 236A Julale Center, Hagatna, Guam 96910.

Per IRS rule, RPAC investments are not tax deductible. Your investments are always voluntary and are used for political purposes.

70% of your investment is retained in our GAR RPAC and can be used in state/local political related activities. 30% is sent to the NAR RPAC to support federal candidates.

President's Circle

  • Christopher K. Felix

Sterling R

  • Evangeline D. Araullo
  • Shawn R.S. Blas
  • Loisa M. Cabuhat
  • Lolita Camit
  • Ryan Jonathan De Guzman
  • Clare Delgado
  • Elizabeth “Liz” Duenas
  • Jodee C. Duenas
  • John P. Duenas
  • Dominique Felix
  • Frederick J. Horecky
  • Marilou Lacson
  • Philip Law
  • Deanna I. Palmer
  • Karen Pan
  • R. Bobby Sachdej
Message from the 2022 Legislative Committee

Håfa Adai GAR Familia,

Your GAR Legislative/Election Committee members have had a busy couple months. We spent numerous hours preparing questions and format for what turned out to be well attended Candidate Town Hall forums.

We interviewed Democratic and Republican Senatorial Candidates as well as candidates for the positions of Attorney General, Delegate and Governor/Lt Governor. As a result the committee ranked the candidates in accordance with their responses. The more the candidate aligned themselves to the values set by GAR Membership, the higher they ranked. The best of the best are receiving the much valued GAR support both written, verbal and monetary.

All GAR Members are encouraged to vote in this 2022 Election Season.

2022 Legislative Committee Members:

Monty Mc Dowell, 2022 Chairman

John Duenas, Vice Chairperson

Clare Delgado, Member

Chris Felix, Member

Fred Guzman, Member

Ray Haddock, Member

Joanne Ige, Member

Charlie Labrador, Member

Fabrienne Respicio, Member

Randy Rillamas, Member


Part 1 – October 11, 2022 – Senatorial Candidates “Democratic Party”

Part 2 – October 12, 2022 – Senatorial Candidates “Republican Party”

Part 3 – October 13, 2022
Attorney General Candidates
Congress Delegate Candidates
Governor & Lt. Governor Candidates






Senatorial Candidates Responses

Q & As with Candidates

Click each candidate's name to view his/her responses.


Guam Association of REALTORS® RPAC

424 West O’Brien Drive Suite 236A Julale Center Hagatna, GU 96910

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